the chain-link fence replacing the decades-old wooden fences in Bruin Stadium

 bruin stasium to get new look

the chain-link fence replacing the decades-old wooden fences in Bruin Stadium
TWIN FALLS — A complaint about the “cage” around the Twin Falls High School parking lot is leading to a new look for the football field.
Later this summer the chain-link fence along the parking lot’s perimeter will find a new home surrounding Bruin Stadium, replacing the decades-old wooden fences that guarded the school’s football field.
“Basically what happened was we had the class of 1966 that came to the school, and they didn’t like the fence around the parking lot,” said Twin Falls athletic director Mike Federico. “They asked the school why it was there, and we told them we had a lot of problems with kids driving off the curb after school and things like that. They said they wanted to take it down and they raised some money to re-do that.”
Federico asked what would come of the fencing, saying he was told it would sit at the district’s maintenance facility. He asked whether it could be moved to replace the aging wood fences around the stadium. When it was measured, the difference was only about 100 feet, so the work was sanctioned.
The wood fences along Locust Street and Stadium Boulevard, as well as the Bruins’ practice field between the school and football stadium, stood for at least half a century, built when there were little more than farm fields around the stadium and neither adjacent street existed.
In recent years, portions of the fence needed to be propped up on a yearly basis, and graffiti was an occasional issue.
The wood fence, which has already been removed, gives way to better aesthetic both inside the stadium and out.
“This is a nice neighborhood,” Twin Falls football coach Allyn Reynolds said at Monday night’s Shrine All-Star games at Bruin Stadium. “I really like the openness of it all.”
Federico said the district is keeping most of the cost in-house, using maintenance workers to take care of the labor. The only major potential out-of-pocket costs could be plastic slats designed to shield activities from passers-by.
Reynolds said he’d prefer there be no slats at all, but he acknowledged the district’s concerns about facility safety and fans watching the game from beyond the fence without buying a ticket.
“I know Allyn’s concern is more for the look, but we’re worried about safety of the facility, and even at the Shrine Game we had people parking on Stadium and watching the game,” Federico said. “It just depends on where we find some money because it’s probably going to have to come out of some building fund. It might come in phases, or not at all.”
The new fence is the most obvious part of the complex’s summer renovations, but it’s not the only aspect. The track will be resurfaced next month, at an estimated cost of $61,000, and the district is still hoping to upgrade the visiting fans’ bleachers with ramps for disability access.
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