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 Besides sprucing up the look of your property, chain link fences provide some degree of security to your property as well. Though a few modern houses use chain link fences for decorative purposes, there is no denying that the security value that comes as a bonus of installing chain link fences is the main purpose why they are installed. Thanks to the various materials that these fences can be made of, it has become very affordable to install a chain link fence, and these days you can see such fences on most commercial and some residential properties as well. Also known as cyclone fences, the ease of installation, the strength and durability, and the fact that different fence designs can be easily incorporated make this a popular choice of fence. If you have decided to get a chain link fence installed, you should be aware that there are different factors that influence the chain link fence cost, and these will be covered below, in brief.

Factors Influencing chain link fencing prices
As with any product, there are different factors that influence the chain link fencing prices as well. The place you are residing in is a part of the cost factor, as is the supplier you order materials from. Obviously the area that needs to be fenced in, and the type of material you choose are the two biggest factors that will influence the chain link fence cost. Depending on how high you want your fence also makes a difference in the cost. Chain link fences usually come 42", 48", 60", and 72" high. Estimates are only that - estimates - and your final chain link fence price can only be decided after you have consulted with a contractor and nailed down all the details. The prices mentioned in the following section are the industry average of what it will cost to install a chain link fence around your property.
Chain link fence pricing depends mainly on the material and height of the fence.
Material: PVC wire, stainless steel wire, high quality low-carbon steel wire, galvanized wire,iron wire, Al-Mg alloy wire etc.
HEIGHTS 36"-157"(0.9m-4m)
Besides the fencing itself, there are a variety of chain link fence parts including posts, post caps, top and bottom rails, brace bands, tension bands, tension bars and carriage bolts.
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