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We have installed miles of Commercial Chain Link Fence to protect property perimeters at many locations including airports, ball fields, electrical substations, military installations, playgrounds and sewage treatment plants. All Long Yi gates can be fit to meet field requirements. We provide swing; rolling and cantilever gates, many of which can be fitted with access control systems. 

1  determine the course of the fence and paying attention to the boundaries of your property. Distance posts should be about 2.5 to 3.0 m Saddles need to post at the beginning and at the end, at each corner and extra long fence on the flat side of every 30 to 35 m

2  Vyhlubte first base hole. Engraved on clay spade spades depth (approx. 30x30 cm square) and then drilling, preferably with hand drill in non-freezing depth (about 80 cm below the soil). Make sure that the bottom bracket after tensioning wire in the fence post was as low as possible above the ground. Drills are manufactured with different drill hole diameters. We recommend drills with a minimum diameter of 125 mm. 
3 Ready to fill the hole with concrete and build the first column of the fence.
4 Each initial and corner post must be supported on buckling. The angle at which the fixed support, has to agree with the direction of how to wire fence runs. Therefore, loosely mount the footrest and on the side on which reaches to the ground, dig second base, pour concrete, brace countersink and firmly onto the fence post. Repeat the procedure for the final column and lines drawn by a compensatory upper bracket tension determine the exact depth and height mezisloupku. Zabetonujte columns, as described.
5 Turnbuckle attach wire on top, at the bottom and middle of the first and last column fence, preferably with sleeves for mounting.
6 Tension wire cut (length + fence about 10 cm) and position the tensioner pin wire screw wrench.
7 Tension wire the holders of the columns.
8  end of the tensioning wire inserted into the opposite turnbuckle wrench and tighten the screw.
9  Wire mesh and tension bar to scroll to the first through the mesh netting. Tension rod and mesh together inserted into the mounting hooks.
10 Odrololujte mesh over the entire length of the fence and the top and bottom ends bend up and around the tensioning wire.
11  In order to bend the fence, attach wire mesh to medium / medium holder / holders tension wire.

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