Bilateral fence

Bilateral fence is mainly used for highways, railways, airports, railway stations, service areas, bonded area, open storage market, ports and other areas of the fence. With landscaping, durable, easy to brown, deformation and so on.
Weaving and characteristics: cold-drawn low carbon steel wire welded together with the isolation network, with connected accessories and steel pillars fixed; Grid structure concise, easy to transport, install the undulating terrain without restrictions, especially for the mountain, slope, bending zone highly adaptive. The product is durable, low price of medium suitable for large-scale use.
Material: Q 235 low-carbon cold drawn steel wire

(1) coated wire by :4.0 - 5mmGalvanized wire diameter 3.1 --- 5.0mm
(2) mesh 75mm X 200mm, 50mmx200mm
(3) The package size: 3000mm X1800mm
max :2400mmX3000mm
(4) column: ¢ 48X2200mm
(5) connection: assembly
(6) anti-corrosion treatment: hot dip galvanized
Main Market: railway, highway guardrail zone enclosures field fence parks, residential isolation protection


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