raise the Chain Linked Fence eyesore in a weekend -and all by yourself

 raise the Chain Linked Fence eyesore in a weekend -and all by yourself

Every morning on the way out the door there it is: the rusted chain link fence. Surrounding your home it looks like the horror of the neighborhood, right? No problem. With a little time, patience, and effort you can raise that eyesore in a weekend -and all by yourself.

Preparation Considerations:

• Workspace: as with any project you want a clean workspace. Clear away any vegetation and other debris around the fence, which will affect the quality of your job or become a hindrance. This doesn’t mean you have to completely uproot grass or bushes nearby but trim back plant life to an appropriate level giving you breathing room.

• Environment: After the workspace is clear and you are ready for the job place a sheet or tarp under the initial area of fence being selected and move it under each section being worked on. This will prevent as best as potential fence debris from soiling surrounding vegetation. This will especially come in handy when painting, as drops will fall to the ground and can be unmanageable to remove from flagstone, cement walls or walkways.

• Color: Painting the fence black or brown will blend it in with the view of your home. Painting it silver will make it stand out more. While there ar many colours to choose from fence picture is non a fashion statement so don’t think you’re going to repaint it next year because magenta is no thirster in. Make a responsible decision that you can live with for years to come. 




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